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Catholic Teachings on Persons with Disabilities

The goal of this site is to assist persons with disabilities to participate more in the life of the church. 

But, before we can do that it is important to understand what the church believes... what it teaches... about persons with disabilities. 

This is important because, over its history and even in the present time, many people, religious leaders included, do not really understand what the church believes about persons with disabilities.  Often decisions are made based on erroneous information.

To discover the teachings of the church, this "teaching" section is divided into two sections:

Church Statements on Persons with disabilities  These will be divided into statements from the Vatican, from U.S. Bishops, and from various Dioceses.  The wording may not always seem appropriate in our current vocabulary.  These documents were written a while ago and, often, they are translations from other languages.

What is important is not their "political correctness" as much as the beliefs they convey about persons with disabilities.

The Sacraments Sacraments are the church's teachings (beliefs) in action.  In the church's Sacramental practices we can find what the church believes (teaches) about persons with disabilities and their place in the church.

Canon Law provides a basis for our Church's pastoral practices as they impact persons with disabilities.  There is really good news for persons with disabilities here! Especially those with severe cognitive disabilities.

 Click here for information on Services and Ministries for Persons with Disabilities in the Diocese of Cleveland


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