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Who We Are???

I am Dennis McNulty, currently the Director of Catholic Charities Disability Services for the Diocese of Cleveland, Ohio in the U.S.A.  Since 1977 I have had the honor to be a teacher, a principal, and a director, each role drawing me more and more into the world of disabilities.  The best thing about this journey is discovering how persons with disabilities have transformed me, especially in my concept of "personhood," and in my belief on how God operates in the world.  The perspectives of persons with disabilities have fundamentally changed my beliefs about almost everything.

This website is the result of many conversations with persons with disabilities or their parents who were upset and confused because their son or daughter had been presented with some obstacle to their participation in the church. I decided to try a new way to communicate the beliefs of our church...some estimates state that a billion people may be browsing the web...

This website is part of a project for a doctorate of Ministry program which I began in 2004.  I am hoping that the site will be an assistance to persons with disabilities, parents, priests, teachers, and pastoral ministers to further enhance the integration of persons with disabilities into the church.

The one item that is important to know about me is that I am a parent.  My wonderful wife, Jill and I were blessed with a son in 1996.  Nathan Patrick McNulty.   The word "Nathan" means "gift from God".  But he was truly a "gift" in more ways than just his name.  Nate was born with a lot of challenges both mentally and physically.  As he grew he was an incredible miracle.  He overcame every challenge and defied the labels and limitations that others imposed.  He really was inspirational.  Unfortunately, Nathan died in 2000 due to complications with one of his shunts.  As you can imagine, Jill and I were devastated.  Our life became truly empty without him.

As we began to heal... you never really completely heal... we decided that we wanted to do something for persons with disabilities and other parents.  This website is part of this desire. 

We hope that somewhere here you will find hope and know that you or the person you love have an important place in this place we call our church.  There is room at the table for everyone!

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Dennis McNulty






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