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Doctorate of Ministry Project Information


The website began in 2006 as part of a project for a doctorate of ministry degree.  The doctorate is entitled, A Different Journey, Internet Ministry to Persons with Disabilities.


The project investigated the use of an internet website as pastoral ministry assisting the integration of persons with disabilities into the church. 


As part of the foundation for the project, the dissertation presents a theological/theoretical basis for integration.  Topics include social justice, possible causes for marginalization of persons with disabilities, ecclesiology, personhood, sacramental theology, and Canon Law.  It concludes by presenting pastoral suggestions and the use of internet technology in pastoral ministry.


The work then considers important items, methodologies, financial considerations, and forming a survey team to help create and evaluate the website.  The details for creating a website are presented. 


The evaluation of the project was conducted utilizing surveys over  a five month period and offers participant demographics and detailed results.  Surveys outline the success of the website and its value as a pastoral tool.  The goal: can a website assist in integration of one person into the church?


Finally, the dissertation offers reflections, conclusions, and suggestions for furthering this ministry on the national and diocesan level.


Please contact me with questions concerning this project.


Who Participated in the Survey to Build this Website?


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